Bibeksheel-Sajha to field Surya Raj, Mumaram in Kathmandu

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Bibeksheel-Sajha Party is gearing up to pick Surya Raj Acharya and Mumaram Khanal for the upcoming election in Kathmandu constituency.
"We are in discussion to field in other two constituencies of Kathmandu," a leader of Bibeksheel Sajha informed Setopati.
He said that the candidacies will be fielded in the Kathmandu constituencies-2 and 6.
"Discussions over picking up the candidates among Acharya and Khanal in the constituency-2 of the UML leader and former PM Madhav Kumar Nepal are underway," he said, "Many have suggested fielding Acharya in that constituency. However, there are some in favor of Khanal as well due to his link to the communist background."
Meanwhile, Nepali Congress leader and Defense Minister Bhimsen Das Pradhan had won in the Constituent Assembly from Kathmandu-6.