RJP, FSF-N will also forge electoral alliance with NC: Ashok Rai

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The Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal (FSF-N) and Rastriya Janata Party (RJP)-Nepal, which have agreed to forge an electoral alliance for nearing elections of the House of Representatives and State Assemblies together, is also forging an electoral alliance with Nepali Congress.
The FSF-N's parliamentary party leader Ashok Rai has said that RJP and FSF-N will also forge an electoral alliance with Nepali Congress.
"The taskforce is discussing the issue. We will not join any alliance but will forge an electoral alliance with Nepali Congress," said Rai.
Talking to Setopati, RJP leader Manish Suman informed about two reasons for forging an electoral alliance with FSF-N.
"The first is the public votes that we received in the third round of the local election," Suman said, "It's not only the public but the party members were also voicing for joining hands with FSF-N for the election."
Suman said that another reason for forging alliance is the democratic alliance being formed under Nepali Congress. "Forging alliance with NC will additionally help us," Suman said. 
He said that forging an alliance with FSF-N will not stop the party from allying with Nepali Congress. A taskforce has been formed for forming a broader democratic alliance. "Representatives from both the parties will attend the taskforce meeting. But they will have mutual opinions." Suman said.
He further said that both the parties will unite later following the elections.
"The issue of unification between the two Madhes-centered parties will not be discussed before the elections due to time constraints. But we will consult the party unification after conducting the elections," Suman added.