New banknotes exchanged from 16 places for Dashain (Photos)

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General public this year look set to have an easier time while exchanging new banknotes for the upcoming Dashain festival with the service offered by different banks.
Sarala Mishra, originally from Tanahu, reached Thapathali-based Currency Management Department of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) to exchange new banknotes at 8 am Wednesday. "I suffered last year for exchanging the notes. So I arrived here early although I know that the office will open only at 10 am." On reaching the office, she was surprised to find the bank was not as crowded as she had found it last year.
Meanwhile, Suraj Ratna Shrestha, a Kathmandu denizen, seemed to be delighted as he had to wait only for one and half hour to get new banknotes in his hands. 
People last year had to stand in queue for over three hours just to get token token. Most of them had to stand in line early in the morning for new currencies. 
This time the scenario has changed. With the opening of services in other banking outlets, security guards mobilized for security reasons also heaved a huge sigh of relief. 
"We even didn't get time to drink water last year. This year it has become easier," security officer Dhruba Sapkota said. 

Currently the service is being provided at 16 different places in the Kathmandu Valley including at NRB, Agriculture Development Bank and Nepal Bank Limited. An officer informed that a monitoring team has been deployed by NRB to inspect whether Agriculture Development Bank and Nepal Bank Limited are exchanging new banknotes to the customers. 

Public can exchange up to Rs 27,000 for this Dashain.