Maoist Center is anti-democratic, anti-federalist: RJP

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Rastriya Janata Party Nepal has accused CPN (Maoist Center) of being an anti-democratic and anti-federalist party.

RJP's election manifesto for the upcoming third phase of local polls made public on Thursday has severely criticized Maoist Center calling it a party that does not believe in a democratic system. "Maoist Center is directed by the principle of capturing the state using force," RJP has accused in the section about the party's views about other parties.

"The main character of Maoist Center is anti-federalist," the manifesto adds and holds the party responsible for murder of 'Martyr Ramesh Mahato and 52 Madhesi martyrs during the Madhes movement.'

Member of the chairman council of RJP Rajendra Mahato, however, stated that Maoist party cannot be called undemocratic, and clarified that his party does not support or oppose any other party.

RJP, in its manifesto, has accused CPN-UML of having an inconsistent character, and being ungenerous toward Madhes and against federalism and inclusiveness. It has also accused Nepali Congress (NC) of not being committed to inclusive democracy and friendly toward Madhes despite being a democratic party.