Federal election before provincial is wrong: Yadav

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Federal Socialist Forum -Nepal (FSF-N) chairman Upendra Yadav has blamed three ruling parties for misusing the state power and the main opposition party for other activities to win more seats in local polls in Province 2.

Yadav, who has arrived here in course of party cadres' training Friday, said that these parties were going to hold elections in the province by encircling the province.

He added that the government should take the initiative to have the participation of the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal in the poll even by amending the constitution. Yadav further said that however, RJP was working for Madhesi people but not participating in the election was wrong step.

Leader Yadav further claimed that going for federal election before provincial was wrong.

Speaking on contemporary issues, he drew government's attention on providing reliefs to natural disaster victims. RSS