Job and Career Fair kicks off

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The Job and Career Fair that aims to provide job opportunities for youths started here Friday.

Minister for Labor and Employment Farmullha Mansoor inaugurated the two-day fair amid a program at the Nepal Police Club Friday. The expo is organized by the Adhikari Creative Concern.

Speaking at the event, the minister said the government would encourage such fair that would help create job opportunities for unemployed youths. He also informed that the government was making plans to create employment opportunities for youths within the country.

Also at the event, Chancellor Dr Narendra Nath at Assam Down Town University in India and President of Community Campus Association Bhola Ojha said the fair would help provide job opportunities under the same roof.

The expo will provide the platform for employers and unemployed people to meet each other together. Unemployed people are required to produce their bio-data to the employer organisations, and following this, eligible applicants are selected for a job after being interviewed, said the event coordinator Shankar Bhattarai.

Various 18 organisations and companies from Nepal and some others from India have participated. The participating organisations and companies include Sipradi, Classic Tech, Birla Tyres, Subisu and Dish Home from Nepal and Reliance and Reliance Hotel. RSS