Heavy rain forecast for some more days

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Cloudy weather with rainfall is prevalent across the country with the monsoon becoming active.

The monsoon which had remained weak for nearly a month became more active beginning Thursday resulting in precipitation throughout the country, the Meteorological Forecasting Division stated.

Meteorologist Srijan Subedi said rainfall occurred throughout the country including in the Kathmandu Valley since last night and this trend will continue for some days more.

"There will be cloudy condition accompanied by rain throughout the country as the monsoon has become more active in Nepal. Although there was rain before this it was not adequate as the monsoon was not so active. There are chances of heavy rain in the eastern and central part of Tarai," he said.

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology also, in a statement on Thursday, urged alert, predicting heavy rains for two days.

International airport services regular

Meanwhile, flights at Tribhuvan International Airport are operating regularly, despite thick fog in the sky around the Valley and continuous rainfall, the Civil Aviation Authority, TIA office stated.

All the flights are operating as usual in spite of the cloudy condition and rain, and the flights at all the airports outside Kathmandu too are regular, airport spokesman Prem NathThakur said.

Monsoon had entered Nepal on June 12 this year and the Division estimates it will continue till the mid of September. RSS