House approves Labor Bill

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The meeting of the Legislature-Parliament Friday has approved Labor Bill-2074 BS. Minister for Labor and Employment Farmullha Mansoor had presented the bill in the House.

The bill has a provision of equal payment for same work, social security fund, and not allowing less payment to the workers as mentioned in the law among other labor-friendly issues.

The bill is termed as progressive and labor-friendly as it was prepared with the consent of trade union, employers and government representatives.

The bill has the provision of forming Labor Advisory Committee to suggest the government regarding labor issues.

Mansoor will be the chairperson of the committee and secretaries at Labor Ministry, Transport Ministry, Heath Ministry, director general at the Labor Department, director general at the Security Fund, director general at the Vocational Skill Development Center and other five members including two women representing employment generating institutions, among others, will be the members at the committee.

Lawmakers including Pushkar Acharya, Ram Narayan Bidari, Meena Pun, Radhadevi Timilsina took part in the meeting.

Mansoor expressed confidence that with endorsement of the bill harmonious environment could be developed between employers and employees. RSS