Fulfill Dr KC's demands to end fast: Parliamentary Committee tells govt

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A file photo of Dr Govinda KC (Setopati files/Narayan Maharjan)

The Social Justice and Human Rights Committee of the parliament on Thursday has instructed the government to end the fast unto death of Dr Govinda KC by fulfilling his reasonable demands.

Chairman of the committee Sushil Shrestha drew the attention of government to the human side of the toll the fast has taken on a 60-year-old body over 18 days in the meeting that was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Gopal Man Shrestha and Health Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel.

DPM Shrestha told the committee that the government is negotiating with people close to Dr KC. He revealed that Education Secretary Shanta Raj Shrestha, the coordinator of the government committee formed for dialogue with Dr KC, is close to an agreement, and people like Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Gagan Thapa, former vice chancellor of Tribhuvan University Kedar Bhakta Mathema, senior heart surgeon Dr Bhagawan Koirala and others are talking with both the sides.  

DPM Shrestha said the Medical Education Act will be prepared in a way to stop opening of medical colleges in the Kathmandu Valley for the next 10 years and to open a government medical college in each province as demanded by Dr KC. Revealing that the government is working as per the report submitted by the Mathema committee for reform of medical education, DPM Shrestha hinted that a few additions can be made. He added that he cannot say more about the matter as it is still being deliberated.

Speaking in the meeting Education Secretary Shrestha, the coordinator of the government's committee for dialogue, said the government has formed a probe committee under a former justice to investigate irregularities in the medical education sector to address the demands of Dr KC. He also urged Dr KC to end fast claiming that the government is committed to addressing the demands.

The majority of lawmakers who spoke in the meeting urged the government to clarify if the demands of Dr KC can be met or not.