3-pronged division in RJP on issue of election participation

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Setopati files/ Anish Regmi

Rastriya Janata Party Nepal seems to be divided in three groups of those who want the party to take part in the local polls, those who are against participating in the election, and neutral.

Members of the leadership council of RJP, Sharat Singh Bhandari and Mahindra Raya Yadav, are in favor of participating in the election. Central members close to the duo also believe that the party should go to election taking their agenda to the people.

Other members of the council, Rajendra Mahato and Anil Jha, argue that there is no use of taking part in the election before demands of Madhes are met. Coordinator of the council Mahantha Thakur and member Raj Kishore Yadav, meanwhile, are neutral.  

Raj Kishore Yadav said he stressed on the need to take initiative for constitution amendment. "We are in a difficult situation. The way forward is not easy," he told Setopati. "It is difficult to go to election without constitution amendment. There is also the risk of a complete breakdown of our relation with the state if we start protest," he reasoned.

The central committee meeting that started on Sunday had formed 30 groups for discussions. Leaders of those 30 groups then submitted their respective reports. General Secretary of RJP Keshav Jha said the group leaders submitted mixed reports.

The party had convened an office-bearers' meeting before the central committee meeting where 91 office-bearers had expressed their positions. 43 of them opined that the party should go for election even without constitution amendment by getting the demands, that can be fulfilled by the government now, fulfilled. They believe that the agenda of amendment should be taken to the people in election if amendment were not possible before that.