NC discusses polls in Province 2

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Nepali Congress (NC) is discussing preparations for the upcoming third phase of local polls in Province 2 in the work performance committee meeting.

The meeting, that started at nine Tuesday morning, is focused on how to get good results in the polls. Members of the committee are putting their views about election campaign and handing out party tickets in the province.

Prakash Sharan Mahat, Farmullah Mansoor, Arjun Narsingh KC and others have already spoken in the meeting. They stressed on the need for correcting the mistake of the earlier phases of polls and decide the official candidates much earlier this time.

The members have also raised the issue of timely management of grievances inside the party, taking initiative to move the constitution amendment forward, informing the people in Madhes about their demands that have already been met, and effective mobilization of all the resources of party.  

The party earlier on July 20 and 21 had held a gathering of central committee members from Province 2, district presidents, nearest contenders in the election for district president, former central members, former ministers, former lawmakers, former chiefs of electoral constituencies, and others from the province in Kathmandu.  

The central committee meeting on July 24 had decided to take the conclusion derived from the gathering positively. The party has already organized big rallies in the province in preparation for the election. NC has also urged the people in Madhes to vote for the party stating that it has always worked for a prosperous and empowered Madhes, and incorporated all the feelings of tarai-Madhes.