Sindhu Tatopani Cold Store sealed

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The Sindhu Tatopani Cold Store located at local Guheshwari has been sealed today after it was found operating illegally. 

The cold store was also found selling rotten meat in course of a regular monitoring carried out by the Supply Management and Consumer Welfare Department. A monitoring team of the Department destroyed nine kilogrammes of rotten meat from the cold store this morning. 

The monitoring was carried out under the coordination of monitoring officer Dhundi Raj Pokharel. The monitoring team also found that other food was also cooked at the same place from where the meat was being sold, the license of the cold store was not renewed, the weights and balances were not certified and the store was dirty. 

Monitoring team has ordered the cold store sealed and its proprietor to report at the Department within three days. 

Also today, the monitoring team inspected the Rajesh Cold Store, Halesi Meat Shop, Apekshya Meat Shop, Koich Fresh House and the New Tamang Meat Shop at Naya Basti, Jorpati. Proprietors of these cold store, fresh house and meat shops have also been asked to report at the Department within seven days as they were found not to have registered with the concerned body, not got their weights and measures certified and not maintained the required cleanliness. 

The Department has been carrying out special monitoring since June 6. RSS