RJP still uncertain about poll participation in Province No. 5

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Setopati files

The Rastriya Janata Party- Nepal (RJP-N), that has agreed to postpone the election in Province No. 2, is still uncertain about joining the local election in Province No. 5. The party, however, seems to be in mood to take part in Province No. 5 election.

Sharad Singh Bhandari of RJP-N said their participation in the local election is dependent on the government's decision.

"The government has to forge an environment conducive as per its discussion with us," Bhandari said, "We're holding talks about our participation."

However, he did not disclose the demand that the government has to address to ensure their participation in polls.

A leader who was present in the meeting said, "We've urged the Election Commission (EC) to postpone the time for filing the nominations to facilitate the agitating RJP-N."

The meeting held with RJP-N and ruling coalition parties on Thursday has agreed to postpone the election in Province No. 2. RJP-N, during the meeting, also opined for the postponement of election date in Province No. 5.

Meanwhile, Manish Kumar Suman of RJP-N said that the party will not take part in the election. "Our demands are not yet addressed by the government. So there's no question for us to participate in the polls," he said.

The RJP-N had not participated in the first phase local election conducted in three provinces on May 14.