An open letter to mayor of Kathmandu, Bidya Sundar Shakya

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Bidya Sundar Jyu,

You went to the Kathmandu Kumari house right after your oath-taking ceremony as a Mayor of Kathmandu. You are a Shakya, and you know that the Kathmandu Kumari is a Shakya girl, revered by both Hindus and Buddhists. Her house, which is our temple, hasn’t been renovated for the past two years. Will you use the same tender system to rebuild her house - a temple for Her? That will be a great mistake. Can you live with the conscience that if the house comes down with the next jolt, it was because you consented to use cheap materials to be used to reconstruct her House? If you rebuild using the tender system, how will you sleep knowing you caused distress to our Goddess?

And, if you rebuild as a government, and not as a citizen of Nepal, not as a Newa, and not as a Shakya – how will you fix the incarceration of Newa civilization caused by the centralization of all Guthis in the 1960s? How will you fix the inevitable fact that the younger generation will get more distanced from the heritage that is supposed to be living? Let us sweat, work, cry, fight, and then love our heritage. Let the community rebuild what was wrongfully taken away by the State. You represent a new Nepal of people. Pease, don’t force the government between the people and their heritage like it was done in the past.

Bidya Sundar Jyu, how many young people do you see taking blessing from the Kumari? Do you never wonder why it is always the older generation? Do you want the love and respect for Kumari to die along with the older generation? You hold so much strength to reconnect people with their heritage. You are an elected mayor - mayor for everyone. You no longer belong to the political party that supported you – you belong to us – the people. Don’t betray the younger generation that is looking up to you to learn what living heritage means?

Don’t let the same community down that trusts you. Set the path straight, do right what has been wronged, let the community rebuild their heritage sites. Come in to supervise, to facilitate and to make sure everyone is getting an opportunity to work and use their skills.

Please do not let the temple where the goddess resides to fall down with the next jolt. Please let the people rebuild what is theirs. Don’t build heritage sites on tender. Please.